Who we are...

We offer consultancy and support for your project management team in any discipline

we assist you to meet prefabrication , erection and delivery dead lines
while fullfilling quality, welding code, clients specification and contractual requirements

Welding is still referred to as a “special Process” in common ISO 9001 quality systems. This means that its quality cannot be readily verified. However to ensure this quality the welding Industry faces a lot of requirements. Besides contract requirements there are requirements in national, European and International laws, norms, codes and directives.

Well known are the Pressure Equipment Directive, ASME boiler code, EN-1090 series, ISO 3834 series. And of course many others but in general the core requirement in all these codes is the development and implementation of a fabrication control system.

To develop and implement such a quality or fabrication control system requires management, personnel, procedures and documents. And that is where De Lasserij, based upon over 30 years of experience in national and international projects, can support the welding industry in all aspects.


What we provide ...

  • Quality assessments and internal audits
  • Specific documents such as weldings procedure specifications,inspection-and test plans
  • Weld-technical reviews of drawings and isometrics.
  • Review of documents, client specifications, contracts.
  • Surveillance, supervision and expediting during pre-fabrication, erection and commisioning
  • Calculations and review of calculations
  • Repair procedures, failure analyses and trouble shooting
  • Scheduling and progress follow ups
  • Fabrication, method statements and welding sequence plans and traceability registers
  • In house training and education of welding and quality personnel
  • Support for foreign codes, norms and specifications

Our key words

  • Project management,  construction management
  • Welding engineering, welding coordination
  • Basic engineering, detail engineering
  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control
  • NDT determination and coordination
  • Trouble shooting , problem solving
  • Prefabrication, workshop and on site
  • Root cause analyses
  • Scheduling and reporting
  • Piping and steel constructions
  • Pressure equipment directive
  • ASME, AWS , API 
  • ISO 3834 and 1090 series
  • Procedure developement
  • Software applications